Friday, February 7, 2014

Update on Meeting With Disability Coordinator and Boss

My meeting yesterday with my boss, supervisor and disability coordinator went fairly well for the most part. The best part for me is not that when I am gone they have to provide coverage because they want quick turnaround on my work. They did agree with the deadlines to relax to just a goal but the bad part is that it will be on my review. I do have concerns if I don't meet the goal but it better than a deadline so I will work with it. The disability coordinator will come back in two months to reevaluate if that will work or not. They also discussed all the various emails responses and the varying answers. They agreed to work on trying to be more clear and have more defined aspects of assignments when directed to me. I spend a great deal of time trying to figure what they want at times. I am not really allowed to ask questions in person only through emails which has an average response time of a week which will not allow me to meet my deadlines.

We also discussed them giving me a list of expectations and what they consider priority because it seems to be unclear to me. I know in general I don't get enough information most of the time to know if something is due now or later,. They agreed to reduce some of my workload because of the increased timelines of several items. I am hoping that will help to make my job a little less stressful. I know they will most likely add more to my plate as we go through some upcoming changes. They always love to add more on say they have reduced things. I am hoping this time they actually follow through with this request. I know my disability coordinator will be checking  back with me on the status of my workload. I know she thought that my job was too much for me to handle at time which is true. Last year I worked 7 months of overtime and that included working 6 days a week.

The bad part of the meeting for me was them complaining I was a perfectionist. I take after my mom who was a perfectionist as well. I know it is not an ideal thing but it is who I am. I know that is some jobs not really a bad thing, I do know that I do need to work on my ability to handle criticism more constructively and I have been working on it. I do find it interesting that my character come to play in a meeting in a manner that was not really appropriate. The disability coordinator did point out that I have achieved things other people in my position never did and to look at in that manner. The I am also started a required clean up of the whole University Inventories. I know I felt better that she defended me. I know I did not expect to feel attacked but I did. I am not a fan of it being about me being too serious or focused on my job. I never expected to hear that. I know I still feel really unappreciated after all has been said but at least our communication will hopefully be better.

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