Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We, the undersigned

Diabetes Blog Week 2013 Today's Post:  Recently various petitions have been circulating the Diabetes Online Community, so today let’s pretend to write our own. Tell us who you would write the petition to – a person, an organization, even an object (animate or inanimate) - get creative!! What are you trying to change and what have you experienced that makes you want this change? (Thanks to Briley of inDpendence for this topic suggestion.)

                  I have had so many issues with medical equipment since September of last year. My first issue was with insulin pump sites lasting several hours and leaving behind really ugly marks as a result of the constant search for real estate on my body. Then I have been dealing with my Dexcom G4 issues with terrible inaccuracies. Through these two experiences I have learned a great deal about how the diabetic customer service and technical support can function when there is a difficult issue. I have experienced this with not only the companies above but has been an experience over the years as well. I am sure these positions are not easy but when I buy these medical devices I expect to get the results I need which is basically pump sites that last two to three days and a CGM that is sum what reliable for the most part.

Dear pump and CGM companies,
                     I must give  you some credit for trying to solve some very difficult issues that I have had. I know I am not the typical patient and I have some incredibly difficult issues for any experience person to solve. What I want you to know that when you have not idea how to solve a problem it is really best not to blame the customer who is paying for the devices especially when the final solution turns out to not be the customer at all. I have had both technical support and customer service tell me we solved your problem and goodbye after blaming me as the customer. When you do not have the solution to the problem past it on to someone else who might be able to figure it out I am always willing to try new things in fact the solution to my pump sight issues was changing my insulin from Humalog to Novolog, IV 3000 and Hydrocortisone cream and this has worked wonders no more nasty marks and I am back up to averaging two to three days on pump sites. Also great to remember with a defective immune system that yes the body can attack insulin pump sites as well if it believe it is an enemy which I believe mine was doing. I also learned I have an adhesive and cannula allergies. So pump company if you look at all the things that could be causing these issues there is quite a few in my case numerous things needed to be fixed in order to have pump sites last a normal time period all pump companies should keep a log of the solutions that have worked for some people to make the process easier for other down the road. That way I did not have to go through that grueling process. I know if they told me to try some of the things that worked I would have been more than happy too. Remember pissing off the customers will lead to angry blogs and possible loss of a customer. In the end I must admit that the sales represenative is the one who solved my issue but at least I got help from someone.

My beautiful marks from pump sites and can see the redness fading from the old rash below

                    CGM companies I really do love your products when they are working right but when they are not I hate you because I did not sleep well for months and I looked like I had been hit by a truck. I love to have more information to make basal changed but the past couple of months that data was crap and inaccurate. I know technical support told me I was over calibrating the first time the second time I was under calibrating again blaming the customer. When I followed there solution to the problem it never worked. I know I was getting difficult to deal with but every time I ask for help I am again told I was to blame. The funny thing is that the Seven Plus was so wonderful I had such a great experience but the G4 was a nightmare until recently. I did everything I was supposed to and felt that the instruction I was given is because they had not clue. I know there is many customers that never have the experiences I have had so far but you must realize that not all patients deal with the devices the same way. Currently my body is very uncooperative 90 percent of the time and I have never really had the same experiences as the majority and I am okay with it. I am just hoping that you learn from my experiences that blaming the customer will  never help your company improve if you think we will go away but instead try to figure out how to help all your paying customers. I am really happy to report back it looks like my Dr. approved arms and thighs are the solution so far to my inaccuracies. If customer service had recommended I ask my Dr. I would have made an appointment asked his permission and been on my way months ago. Thanks for listening to my rant about not blaming the customer but instead working to find a solution.

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