Friday, May 3, 2013

Judged by Another

                   I have always struggled in some ways going from my life without a service dog to a life with a service dog. I am incredibly blessed and fortunate to have her but life was so much simpler before. I have had wonderful opportunities to educate and learn new things through my interaction with the public. I have also had some bad experiences even from withing the diabetic community at large on forums. I have been criticized pretty harshly or disliked in general because of having Duchess. I know that all parents want their children to be complication free and live life to the fullest. There is a diabetic gentle man, his wife and his type 1 diabetic daughter. The gentle man has always been pretty harsh to me and duchess. I would like to think of myself as a very nice person. I have a feeling that because Duchess garners so much attention he dislikes her or it may be I am too out spoken about things. I did not get Duchess for the attention but because I really had no other options if I wanted to work and have the ability to leave my house without getting lost. I know when people meet me they assume that I really don't need her but I really do. I know with him being a parent it is hard to see other diabetics with complications. I do speak about my complications because I need to talk about it. I don't feel I should be shunned for what I am dealing with. I am still trying to figure out why they are not a fan of Duchess. I know he is highly involved in the diabetic community. So I find it strange how they treat me when I am active member of the community. I know the local JDRF head board memeber love Duchess. I know the outreach manager wanted to see if I could do more and of course I have been. I find it interesting how the perspective of having Duchess can vary so dramatically from one person to another.

                    I know a large number of the people having diabetic alert dogs is children and some may think because their diabetes is easy to manage everyone's is. I know for me that has never been the case but I know I wish others would not judge so harshly until they have walked a mile in my shoes. I know the gentle man has only had diabetes 3 years and is a newbie. So his understanding might not be as much a long term diabetic. I know his family is very involved but I do not think I will ever feel very welcome at the events they host or meet ups which is no fun but I guess part of the deal with having Duchess with me. I know I am helping another member of my local meetup group look for a DAD as well. So maybe with another in the group the understanding of the need to have one will make my experience better.

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