Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts on How Important Having a Good Medical Team Is.

                I have been thinking a great deal about how much a Dr.'s bedside manner can affect the outcomes of treatments of chronic illness's. I know my experience has clearly shown me that when a Dr. starts off the conversation that I am a bad diabetic or because I have too many lows I am uncooperative. All these things do effect me as the patient and the decisions I can make. I am more likely to get burned out, say I had enough and not follow through of what I need to. I have not done this recently but in the past I have. I think sometimes it is difficult for Dr.'s to know how to approach the patients when they want improvement and what will work. Each patient is different and probably need different motivations. I am sure it is easier to say a patient is bad instead of looking for a better way to get the results needed. I work very hard at my control and find that they should give me credit for having an Alc under 7 for over 5 years instead of complaining about little areas that need improvement. I know most of the changes I make are very gradual because when I make dramatic changes could cause consequences such as EMS visit. I am always working hard but I am still astonished in some ways that a Dr. would think telling a patient they are bad would be helpful. I know I have heard this issue from both type 1 and type 2. I am fortunate now to have a really great Endocrinologist that works with me and cares about my concerns. Instead of like my last one who thought my concerns about my control were not correct. I am still astonished they wanted my Alc at 7.5 or above but that leads to more complications. I am happy I am and have been in a great place as far as my care is concerned and I have fired Dr.'s along the ways but my care is a big part of the whole picture right now. I have a feeling it will continue that was as long as I continue to work with my current Dr.'s.


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