Friday, May 10, 2013

Hopefully a Resolution

                  I meet with Dexcom Representative in person today to give it one last try. She has been working with my awesome Dr. who is generally great at solving problems. They decided because I have had so many issues with my stomach area since last September maybe a new sight area would work. I know Dexcom does not warranty sensors in the arms or legs unless without medical authorization. My Dr. has said that I am currently allotted to use my thighs and arms now for the Dexcom to see if I can get better results. I know very few people have had this issue with the Dexcom G4 but I am really hoping this solves the problem. I know that I was promised by the representative if I have another sensor failure that technical support will replace the sensor. So just as long as they warranty the sensors I am game for the change. I know I have spent my whole life finding that the normal methods do not work for me and looks like this is another example of that. So I will update you all on the status of this because I know I need a plan of action when I am traveling more over the next couple of months. I feel better when away from home having a cgm and hopefully things will end well.

Duchess in her rain coart. Rainy morning in Austin

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