Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Reason We All Should Test Before We Drive

                      I have been thinking a lot about past meet up with Diabetics that have affected my life in positive ways. I know the first time I went to diabetic camp I meet so many great kids and adults who taught me so much back then. I remember that one particular person was my camp counselor who will forever be in my thoughts. She was my camp counselor two years in a row. I remember really looking up to her because I was so impressed by her in so many ways. Diabetic camp is something all kids with type 1 should experience. I know I even taught a 5 year old how to giver her first injections and finger pokes which was quite an experience. The little girl was very brave and learned very quickly. I remember my camp counselor showing me her insulin pump and I was interested but not too sure about it. I know I was so used to injections but I was willing to learn as much as I could. It felt so nice to meet other diabetics and be able to make friends who understood. I still have my camp photos at home. I wish I had scanned a copy of the all the pictures from camps to post today. I know it was such a great experience that I can't put into words how much I looked forward to it every year. The most interesting thing for me is how much those memories of camp still make me smile today. I know I was never expecting what would happen several months after camp.

                        My camp counselor was driving but I am not to where but she went low while driving. She sadly veered off the road and hit a tree. She died instantly that afternoon and I was not sure even how to handle this. In fact that was the last year I went to camp and my mother agreed that if I felt that way it was fine. I know the interesting thing for me is that in 2008 I went low driving but thankfully was not hurt or anyone else. I know I am always thankful that I was able to lean from my experience. I know I am avid every time I get in the car I test and I continually have my CGM and test kit out so I can continually monitor while driving. I know I feel like I need to spread the word how important testing before driving is and I know my camp counselor would agree. If you are doing long drives I pull over frequently to test because you can drop quickly and not realize when driving can happen to any of us. Thank you for letting me share my story about a girl who I will never forget for what she taught me about diabetes and just being such a wonderful person. I know I will never forget her. So not I test every time not matter if I'm late, tired, in a hurry or distracted. I am committed to being safe by doing my part to keep the roads safer by doing my part.


  1. Oh my, what a tragedy. I'm sorry that such a bad thing had to happen, but you've done a good job of turning it into a positive behavior.

  2. I know I will never forget her. I was so inspired by her and I want to spread on all the things she taught me in her short life.