Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Frustration with not Petting

                      It has been a rough week of dealing with people who do not want to follow the do not pet patches on Duchess's vest. I had another incident yesterday where I was walking Duchess on campus and was approached by two students and the came right up and started to pet her. I told them to stop petting her that she is a service dog and to not be pet. The continued on like I had said nothing so I stepped in front of Duchess. She was already backing up from the students because she knows that she is not supposed to be pet. Once I stood in front of them they got all upset and started to yell at me that I was abusing my dog by making her work and that she must be miserable. They told me that dogs need constant petting and this do not pet stuff is crap. I know normally on campus my experience for the most part have been positive but this is the first time it had gotten out of hand. I told the students that they needed to respect my wishes as the owner of the dog and that is in no way their for their enjoyment or company. They were some what blown away by my comments. I am still mystified at the fact that if you have a dog it is automatically owned by everyone in some people's opinion. I know Duchess stays focused on her job when she is not petted by others. I am not sure why that is never understood but I know I try to educate the best I can but I have learned that some people are unable to be educated on this.

                      I know Duchess never likes these situations because they encroach on her space and her ability to focus. I spend most of my days most of the time to keep her from being pet even with the patches. I am sure it will be this way for many years to come but it would be a dream not to be bugged constantly about petting Duchess for her sake and my own.

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