Friday, May 31, 2013

A Mix of Things

                     I know Duchess is such a goofy dog and I love that about her. This morning is another great example of this I was in the bathroom drying my hair and applying my make-up. She was initially laying on the bath mat on the floor as usual. Next thing I see her in the bath tub turning her head side to side in such a cute way. I asked her if she wanted a bath and she was excited. Normally even though I bath her once a week she is not excited about getting baths. Normally I have to tell her to get into the tub and she always listens. I am not sure why she wanted a bath this morning but I had a good laugh at her goofy behavior. I am not really sure what she wanted maybe she just wanted my attention. She stayed in the tub until I was finished in the bathroom and went onto her normal morning routine. I hope she is excited tomorrow when I actually plan on giving her a bath but I guess I will see.

                      I know having celiac's disease I have spent quite a bit of time trying recipe's until I find one's I like. I have been making these peanut butter cookies for quite a while and it is very simple to make. Very few ingredients and most people have no idea they are gluten free. I thought I would share.

       Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

         1 Cup Peanut Butter either crunchy or creamy
         1 Cup of sugar
         1  egg
         1 tsp of baking powder
         1 tsp of vanilla extract

       Cream together the peanut butter and sugar. Beat in the baking power. Add the egg and vanilla extract.          mix until all combined. Best to make the cookies smaller they tend to stay together a little better. 
       Bake at 350 Degrees until cookies are soft and coherent. 

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