Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blessed by Friends

                I was talking with a friend last night about things including my health as always. Diabetes tends to seep into every area of my life regardless if I want it too or not. I know it can even effect my friendships. My friends really are the greatest. They have seen so much in the last five years and have been my biggest cheerleaders as I tried handle all the craziness D has thrown at me. My friend have seen first hand the downward spirals with constant lows and the struggle to maintain the ability to work then to my diabetic retinopathy issues as well. They have been very supportive especially with my desire to get a diabetic alert dog. They have been nothing but wonderful and great with just listening even though they have never experienced any of these issues. They have seen me in the hospital after my seizures and they never balk at just being their. They honestly are a great help to me managing my diabetes well just because they have been so wonderful at just listening. I know diabetes does affect everyone around me from my coworkers, supervisor, friends and family. I have been so incredibly blessed by my friends who choose to be around and have no issue hearing about my D because it is part of my life. I know certain memebers of my family are not very supportive but at least I have my wonderful friends.

                   I know Duchess also loves to interact with my friends as well they all seem to love her. In fact when I come to visit most friends put their cats or their dogs away to make sure Duchess can do her job. Most of the time if the dog is friendly she can play but it so nice how they care enough to make things easier for me and Duchess. To all my friends I can't thank you enough for being there.

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