Monday, May 6, 2013

Looking Back

                I have been thinking about what an adventure it has been adding Duchess to my life. There has been some great changes and some difficult one's. I know my life will never bee the same in a really good way. Having a service dog means obstacles with public access and just general rights from work to everyday places. I know all these big obstacles have been a real learning experience about my strengths and weakness. I have learned that no matter the obstacle I need to fight it because any other service dog team that comes after me will be affected if I let a business or grocery store win. I have fought the fight quite well and had some help along the way from other service dog teams as well. I am quite proud that I have been able to educate numerous people from college students to children along the way. I know as more service dogs there are the easier things will be. I have learned so much from Duchess as well. I know she is so much more relaxed about things than I am at times and she has a way of reminding me that It can wait till tomorrow.  Diabetes is never easy but with Duchess my diabetes is manageable and so much easier. She is also my best friend and will always be my crazy goofy dog that I Love. Through all my experiences even the incredibly difficult one's I would not change a thing. My decision has saved my life and also helped me to cope with some very scary experiences. She has been with me through lows that last for hours, seizures, ambulance ride, hospitalization and scary procedures. Duchess always seems so unfazed by it all most of the time. As I look back to where I was 5 years ago I can't even begin to describe the fear I was living and that all seems like it was far in the past.

Duchess hanging out with my friend

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