Monday, August 13, 2012

Work Issues

                 The hardest part after a seizure at work is the embarrassment. I know all diabetics feel embarrassed afterwards but it does take me a while to deal with that part. There is also usually a change in communication with supervisor or managers. I know that low's or seizures scare them and can cause things to change in some ways. I am trying this time to be more proactive by teaching a training class on what signs to look for and so forth to help them feel better. I am not thrilled to be doing it but if it will make things easier I am more than willing to compromise. The difficulty I am experiencing is that there is a change in communication in some ways. I know fear tends to change things dramatically. I am trying to protect myself while sharing just enough information so they can understand where I am coming from. I always try to apologize for scaring them and acknowledge their feelings in hopes of opening up communication again. I have had a good relationship with my supervisor and manager but I know these situations can changes things and not always in a good way. I am trying to avoid another issue with my work deciding that I should not be working or I should be looking to work with another department. Last time I had trouble after a low at work they tried everything to get rid of me. I sadly caved in and took family medical leave act and then found a job while on FMLA. I will not do that again because I fell that is wrong to hire someone and then if there is one incident they need me to leave.

                     Honestly I am scared for my job again and I have no idea how this is going to play out. The surprising benefit of the timing of the seizure is that I have had my review already which will help to protect me because I got a commendable review which is wonderful. The other protections I currently have is that I had not used one day of sick leave up to this point. The only time off I have had is a vacation and holidays. So my attendance is good so that will make it more difficult but, I do work in a right to work state so they can fire me pretty easily but because I work for the State of Texas they require documentation to fire an employee which is helps me because I have had a great work performance. I really wish I would not have to worry constantly about whether my work wants to fire me because of one incident. I do have a plan of action to protect myself such as having documentation for everything which will help me if things do start to change. I am hopeful that things will work out okay in the end but the fear will still be there.


  1. Thank you. Hoping my experience can help others.