Tuesday, August 21, 2012


                      Having Duchess in my life has always been interesting and I'm sure will continue to be. I went to the grocery store last night around 7:30 because I was running low on juice boxes for work and other snacks for my snack drawer. I was doing my normal rounds picking up a few other things I needed as well. Normally I try to do one trip a week if possible but this week I keep forgetting to add things to my list. I was going down the meat aisle and three people turn around to look at Duchess. They all just stopped to just stare.  I really hate this the most of anything because honestly it makes me very uncomfortable in general. I don't like people paying that much attention to what I am doing, but it was a little overwhelming how they all stopped to stare as I kept walking bye to escape down an aisle. I have spent my whole life not wanting any attention related to my diabetes. I have always felt like it was negative attention in my mind. I think I wanted the attention I received to be about something I accomplished verses being about my diabetes. So I honestly struggle with all the attention we get in the grocery store or out and about in public. I think I always will.

                       I am blessed to have my precious life saver with me and thankful everyday. So I never imagined that I would struggle so much with how much my life is affected by the stares and comments of the general public. I really wish people would understand how easier my life would be if they did not stare so intently. I am really just trying so hard to live a normal life anyone else. I don't think that part will ever happen, but is always nice to hope it could be that way.

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