Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Move Back Home

                 After having diabetes for 32 years I really thought my family would realize their is some really scary moments from time to time. I think they have forgotten how much work it is to avoid having bad lows or seizures since they are not around me on a regular basis. I had seizures as a child and then again during my junior and senior year of high school in particular these times I had quite a few seizures. I don't believe we will ever figure out why they happen but, I'm okay with that at this point. I really consider it part of my diabetic life. I really wish their were more ways for me to avoid them besides running high which my Dr.'s answer for everything these days. I want to avoid as many complications as possible because frankly because they can affect one's life pretty dramatically. My family's response to my latest seizure would be move home to be around family. They said they could be there if that happened. I am very independent and I like living where I do. I am from there but I have no desire to live in the constant rain again.

                 I know my family cares but honestly there is very little they could do after a seizure except go to the hospital last week was an exception because they hospitalized me. I really believe there was no reason to. My family wants to be there but honestly I tend to handle things better on my own. My mother wanted me to be able to handle things on my own if at all possible and I prefer it that way. Even though I have tough periods of time occasionally I find that I do a good job of taking care of myself and moving home would not be the answer. The Dr.'s in WA would not be able to find an answer either. So I am going to continue living where I like and try to remind my family that every once in a while a low will sneak bye me. It has nothing to do with not trying hard enough but there is so many factors that can cause lows or seizures and to get it right every time is extremely difficult.

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