Thursday, August 30, 2012

UGH Dr. Appointments

             Today I am going back to my Endocrinologist's office for a visit but I have a feeling it will not be fun. I changed all the setting to what I wanted to have them at and I'm sure I will get a lecture. My Dr.'s only see me occasionally and it is silly to think that I would not change the setting if necessary. I know my recent seizures of course is playing a part in their continued requests to reduce my basal rates, but I will never avoid lows for several months. It has not been possible for me all the times I have tried over the past 4 years. I will not go back to feeling bad again so they can feel better personally. I am looking forward to switching to my new Endocrinologist's office in hopes that they may have some other ideas how to handle my situation. I know each person's case of diabetes do differ quite a bit actually. I need to find out of the box solutions which I'm can be found. I only went back to this Endocrinologist because I am getting my Dexcom which they already said they would approve. Looking forward to seeing what the Dexcom can do. I had a medtronic previously and did not like it at all. Hopefully I can use the device to make even better basal adjustments in the future.

                I wish that I could get rid of the seizures for good but I think they are realistically just part of what I will have to deal with. I have dealt with them so long they feel like it's a normal part. I am concerned to an extent at my lack of real concern to an extent at this point but, If I do not get this sorted out soon. I will be headed straight for diabetic burn out. I am working on finding a better balance in hopes of avoiding burn out. I am usually really good at testing but recently I don't care as much as I should. I think all the trouble with Dr.'s has played a part sadly. Duchess has also been affected to an extent also by the Dr.'s wanting to me to run quite high and her training is to keep me between 90-120 as much as possible and they of course want me running over 150 at all times. I disagree with this as well. I actually do not feel great at anything 160 or over which is why I am fighting there want to have me always over 150. I have a high stress job which requires me to being going a hundred miles an hour. So this has created more issues and why I decided to change my basal rates. Even though I will get lectured today I think it was all worth it if I end up feeling normal instead of feeling sick.


  1. I agree. You know you best :)

  2. I did get the Endocrinologist to agree to let me use temp basal to adjust as needed without changing the basal rates which has been helpful so far. I had a friend mention something in passing and I think I might of possibly found a reason for the increase in seizures but I am still in process of finding out if it could work.