Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Past Two Years

                   I have been thinking about the past two years and have far things have come. When I first got Duchess there was constant access issues where I live and there still is some, but I feel like I have started to educate the business enough that they have become more receptive. The good part of education is that they will tend to treat service dog teams with the respect that they deserve. Life has not been easy since Duchess, but the freedom she gave me back is priceless in my opinion. I am hoping the more time I spend educating everyone that in the end that someday Austin will be come a much friendlier place for service dog teams no matter what job they do. I still have one opponent that has been tough which is a local Cinemark theater  near my home. They will on and off give me issues including the management. I have contact corporate and that seems to usually help resolve the issue for the most part. I love to go to the movies and will not stop going. I have heard the security guards which are off duty cops point out to the ticket person that she is a medical alert dog and they usually leave me alone after that. I have seen improvements because of the guide dog group of puppy trainers have been targeting these locations to help further educate them as well.

                   I have come a long way and learned a great deal about how to educate. How knowing the laws can help especially when a business is unaware of the laws. Having information or websites they can go to and learn more about the laws have all helped. I was even asked by a store what questions they could ask a service dog team and when they can kick some one out. I know that store had this lady who came in who was disabled but I could tell was never trained the dog growled at Duchess and employee's said the dog was getting into stuff at the store such as sniffing produce and other things a service dog should not do. The store I was told was watching Duchess and comparing it to the other dog. The dog was not trained in my opinion and was not allowed back in the store. I am glad to see that they are trying to educate themselves as a business.


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