Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daily Calls

                    I have been receiving daily calls from my Dr.'s office this week. They have clearly not been listening to me at all. I tend to have lows daily and I have worked to reduce them as much as possible. My life is high stress and my job is the biggest stress-or because of the tremendous work load, but I love what I do most of the time. This has been my life since my mother passed away I have accepted the fact that the past year my body wants to hand around low at least once a day. There is times that I have had no lows here and there. The Dr. is on a mission to stop me from having lows at all, but I really don't believe that is possible at this point. They actually want me to call the office anytime I under 70 since my last appointment. I have never called because honestly I think it is silly. My Dr.'s recent solution for anything run the blood sugars higher and higher, but I have been feeling so crummy that last thing I will do is run them higher. There has to be another way.

                     On another note today is two years with my life saving best friend. I am beyond blessed to have her and lucky she helped me get my life back. I just can not say enough about what she has done for me. I am planning on taking her to her favorite dog bakery for some new dog treats. I am so happy I made the decision to get her. She has helped me more than I could of ever dreamed. She has kept me safe for the past two years. There are just not words to describe what she means to me.

Duchess won a dog bed on facebook and she loves it