Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pressure from Family

                    I am not very good these days with communicating with my family especially when it involves the scary lows or seizures. I don't because most of the time they really just don't get it. My father who experienced all the scary incidents I had as a small child and teenager seems to of forgotten how dangerous diabetes is. My family since they do not seem me on a regular basis really does not understand fully how dangerous things have gotten in the past couple of years even with me telling them. I know this last seizure incident they think moving home will help curtail this from happening, but sadly that is not the case. They are continuing to put pressure on me to move when I am perfectly happy with my life and where I work currently. I know they are concerned, but sadly they would not be able to do much in these situation either. I know my father now thinks Duchess is not worth the money spend on her because she did not alert me to the seizure before it happened. I know from what happened my blood sugar was dropping way too fast and there was not enough time for here to catch it. Honestly she did alert my co-workers which was wonderful. So I am not going to blame my service animal when I really truly feel that she did a great job.

                     I think my family's expectation of Duchess are not realistic in that I do have dramatic drops and even my father has admitted that. Sadly though he still expects her to catch them before and normally she does, but when they drop dramatically her trainer has told me there is not always enough time to stop it. So I feel blessed to have her and hope I can avoid the dramatic drops as much as possible. I know service dog are still dogs and expecting perfection is not realistic. Even the expectation for a CGM is not realistic either. I know my family cares, but honestly things would not turn out any different even if I was back home.


  1. Duchess is a practical, accurate, reliable addition to your diabetes care. Also warm, fuzzy, and soothing. But, not a treatment that will change the course of your diabetes. From a mother's viewpoint, I can understand feeling that this is not enough, but from a diabetic's viewpoint, I can grasp this reality.

    Be patient with them. They will never be satisfied until the day that you are cured. Until that day, you will have a difficult time seeing the situation from each others' eyes.

  2. Thank you Kathy. It is hard to know their perspective. I have a strong feeling you are right we will never see each others perspectives which makes it difficult. I know they care and that's what counts. Duchess will always be one of my best decisions for me regardless of what my some family members think.