Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dangerous Times

                       This time of year always end up being the most dangerous for me. The end of fiscal year at a college is stressful. We are trying to use up funds, close out accounts, and clean up general paperwork. We also are preparing for auditors. So my job becomes extremely hectic and I honestly do not know what I would do without Duchess. She has been a champ with dealing with the extended hours,shorter lunches and my blood sugars dropping dramatically. These days I am not sure if I could do my job without her because I have no ability to feel lows or highs and honestly it is quite scary how fast I go into a fog which leaves me unable to respond. I am thankful that I am able to still work and have the freedoms I currently enjoy all because of Duchess. I do also love her playful funny personality she has. She is always making new noises because she is not allowed to bark they are quite but she always has an interesting way of trying to communicate. Life is and always will be interesting having Duchess around. Thankful for my partner in crime and best friend.


  1. GREAT blog! I would love a "duchess" for my hubby!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Sandy. She is an incredible friend and life saver.