Monday, August 20, 2012

Evaluating Past and Present Situations

              I have been thinking a lot recently about the care I have received now and in the past. I am currently very unhappy and I found a new Endocrinologist I am going to try. Hopefully this one will have other solutions besides lets ride your blood sugars as high as possible. I still feel sick from running the blood sugars higher than I normally do and honestly waking up to find my blood sugars high at 3am every night is less than ideal. I know we all need to be our own advocates and that's why I am firing my current Endocrinologist. I am worried about my quality of life and honestly this last Endocrinologist was not concerned about it at all. I am and I will continue to make that a huge point to any future Endocrinologist. Another point I plan on bringing up is I will not follow the one size fits all solutions I am constantly getting. My last Endocrinologist on my last visit finally admitted that my case is difficult and mos to typical fixes or solutions were not working for me. I tell this every time I start a new that the one size fits all do not work for me but the theme in all of this is that the Dr.'s are not listening to me at all.

              I know I am a demanding patient in that my mother taught me well and I expect certain things most patients should expect. I do come into the Dr.'s office with a list of questions, lab work I think needs to be run, and possible new things I would like to try. When I got to a Dr.'s appointment I always have my pump prints outs done, log book and other information for the Dr. I feel like I am doing what I need to do and I am not getting what I need from my visits. I know I try my best to get the results I need but recently I have gotten the opposite. I continue to learn  a great deal from this experience and next time I feel uneasy about a Dr. I'm seeing I will switch sooner. There was also the unrealistic expectation to avoid lows completely for at least 4 months. Many of my friends who have diabetic alert dogs and who also suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness all seems to have frequent lows. I do not believe it is because of lack of effort, but more is really just part of having hypoglycemia unawareness before I had this I did not have as many frequent lows and I have tried everything to try and get rid of them. Now I am just trying to manage to get as few as possible. Avoiding them all together does not seem possible for me and I have accepted that. I am hopeful that I will find someone who will work with me but not have this just run the sugars high solution.

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