Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Medical Frustrations

                    It seem recently that things medically have been nothing but crazy. I recently got a raise but most of my raise will go to pay for the hospital bill I have for my hospitalization when I had my seizure. Next time I am leaving AMA (against medical advice). I found that the experience was not great and I ended up being just fine and could of taken care of myself at home and missed less work. Diabetes is so expensive. I use a healthcare account through my work and they have denied my claim for my insulin pump which is crazy because it was a medical device. I think they believe the insurance company should of paid for the expense but what they don't realize is that the cost was my deductible for my insulin pump. So now I am fighting to get them to approve the charges so I don't have to pay the deductible out of my own pocket after I had already paid it with my pay flex.  The company I purchased it from could of charged me around quite a bit more but they worked with me. I am getting really tired of all the medical bills that I need to make phone calls for and all the arguing I have to do with the insurance company. Some days all this stuff is just too much especially when I am in the busiest week of the year for me. I am so frustrated between the Dr.'s and the bills but I also very aware of how lucky I am to have health insurance that I can use for emergencies, illnesses and management of my diabetes. I need a another vacation badly but that would cost money.


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