Friday, September 28, 2012

Taking on a Store

                  I was on break yesterday and headed into a small market across the street from where I work. I of course had Duchess with me. I went into the market and was looking for a water and something to snack on. They have various gluten free items at this market which is quite handy for me. I have been in there several times previous with no issues. Yesterday I had my items and was getting ready to head to the register. The cashier told me I had to leave. I said no by federal and state law my service animal is allowed to be here with me. She said not they do not allow pets. I again told her she was a service animal. I then gave her my federal law card I carry in Duchess's vest. She looked at it and said I have never heard of this law. I then asked to speak to her manager. She then said he was not there. I was so mad I put the items down I was going to purchase and left. I have contacted the manager this morning to discuss this issue. I do not back down. I am planning a training mission for this store. I know some puppy raiser for guide dogs and we all gather to educate businesses on service dogs and the laws. Working together this group has helped cut down on the access issues at the most challenging places.

                    I think there will be at least 8 to 9 service dogs on this trip to this store and I am hoping this will help to get the message across that I am not going away and I must be treated the same way as any other customer. I take my rights very seriously and work hard to keep Duchess within the service dog standards. I really wish I did not have to educate so many people but in general after these experiences. I only end up appreciating my rights even more.


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    1. Thanks Sandy. If I let one store get away with this behavior everyone after me could be treated the same. So if I can solve the problem then life is better for everyone.