Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fight over Surgery

                    My latest adventure with the retina specialist has been interesting even though my eye has continued to improve the Dr. still thinks surgery is still needed but I disagree. The minute I walked into this office which has several eye Dr. specialists there is no empty seats in their lobby. They treat people like they are dollar signs. I called to get a second opinion and I will also get a third if necessary. I do not believe in going ahead with a surgery until several Dr.'s believe I do. I have had a surgery where I ended up with 3 extra holes in my body because they messed up. I am careful also because it is my eyes. I called to schedule an appointment and the lady asked which group I had been too I told her and she said let me guess they want to operate. I said yes and she asked which Dr. and she told me he is know as one of the one who always wants surgeries done when their is steps that could of taken to prevent the need for surgery. I am glad I called and checked into it because the Dr. from the minute I meet him gave me the feeling he was there for the money and not the patient. I had issues with comments from the nurses at the clinic as well. So honestly switching Dr.'s will be most likely what I do.

                      This Dr. has won awards for his work and practice and is involved in research as well. He was recognized by National Health Institute for his research. I have been told by a friend who's father recommended him that he is reasonable and does not jump right into surgery unless it is really necessary. I am hoping for a much better experience. After the last one I am just tired. I promised myself a long time ago that I would always follow my gut on things and I am really glad I did this time. I also did not like that the Dr. thought I could afford to spend thousands of dollars for a surgery that was not yet necessary. I know the Dr. yesterday was offended I was question my need for surgery. I think every patient need to question to protect your own health and I will continue to do so.


  1. Hi Tarra,

    So glad to hear that you followed your gut instinct and went for this second opinion. Isn't it frustrating when some places treat people like that? Just another opportunity to bill.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I was glad my mother taught me to question if I feels something is off. I am spreading the word to other diabetics about this place as well. I am hoping that they can avoid this place if at all possible.