Friday, September 14, 2012

Life on the ledge

               The past four and half years have been filled with emergency situations and many dangers for me. I know two years ago when I got Duchess the amount of emergencies has dropped dramatically. That has helped me to reduce some of the worry but sadly not enough. I still am stuck on the last emergency in August that shook up my world and the previous one in July. I work so hard to avoid these situations but I know every once in a while one will get by me. I feel like I have spent way too much time on the side of cliff waiting to fall over to an extent. I know all diabetics feel to an extent they are living on the edge but these seizures really is like being slapped upside the face with reality that you cannot control everything at all times. It is a good reminder but so scary. I do defiantly feel safer having Duchess around but I also am worried for her as well. I learned from my last seizure that EMS was not ready and had no procedures for dealing with service dogs in place. This is scary for me as for her as well. She goes everywhere with me and I know she would not handle being separated from me very well. I know the separation during an emergency event can affect the service dogs.
                  To create less worry I created and emergency plan for me as well as Duchess. I have two friends willing to keep her if she is unable to stay with me in an emergency which is good to have. Most of the time my goal is too keep her with me. Honestly I handle the situations better with my Duchess by my side. I also have provided information to my work who to call for which situations. I have also found local company willing to transport me and Duchess in an emergency. Hopefully all these things will make the process easier if it happens again. I am hoping not anytime soon. I had my share of lows when I was younger and then the numbers were less and less to the point I would not have them but on very rare occasions.

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