Monday, September 17, 2012

Grace Under Pressure

              I was at work last Friday when a bomb threat was issued for The University of Texas. The details given about why we needed to evacuate the building were not given and sadly most people exited the buildings they were in and stayed close not knowing it was a bomb threat. A person came by where I saying it's a bomb threat we need to get away from campus as quick as possible. Through it all everyone was extremely calm which was good. Everything was so poorly communicated. I read an article online before I actually received information from the university that it was a bomb threat. What really made me angry is that the call came in at 8:36 and they waited til 9:50 to get everyone out. The bomb was supposed to go off shortly after that time I believe in 15 minutes. All the other university's that had the same threat evacuated right away. There is a lot of upset people including me. As I was walking away from campus there was a student with a guide dog. I was walking bye with Duchess. She did not even look at the dog she kept her focus and kept walking the guide dog however was pulling its owner towards me. I was so proud of Duchess after dealing with an evacuation was still on her game as far as her ability focus on her work. I know I work with her frequently and its looks like all my work is paying off.

                After the standing in the rain for over an hour I was sent home by my boss. I had taken the bus and usually I catch them on campus but the buses were detoured away from campus. I call the bus company and was told I had to walk Duchess across the freeway and then into the bad side of town to catch the bus I was not very happy. I had already had my blood sugar drop quickly to 40 once and walking to the bus stop even with a temp basal was not going to be fun. Then by chance my manager drove by and offered me a ride home. I was lucky because walking almost a mile and a half to catch a bus was less than ideal in the rainy weather. Friday was not the best day but honestly having an afternoon off was quite nice. I ran to the store and I ran into another service dog. Again Duchess looked forward and kept walking while the other service dog was trying to pull their owner so they could meet Duchess. She was so focused and all about her job. She not only handled a stressful situation earlier in the day and then continued to work with such concentration. She had me beaming with pride. I am hoping there is no more bomb threats at UT anytime soon. It was a frustrating day to say the least.

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