Monday, September 24, 2012

Site Issues

                I have been having some really frustrating issues with pump sites. I have not had some of them last more than 4 hours even with moving to spots I have never used an infusion set in before. I am not sure what is up but honestly I want to throw my pump against the wall since last Thursday. I normally get at least two days out of my infusion sets but only hours is not good. I normally like to have contact detach infusion set for my Animas ping for the frustrating days like this but my Endocrinologist does not like the infusion sets and will not prescribe them. I as the patient feel they should allow me to use whatever infusion set I want to just as long as I am not having a large amount of infections or issues. I am waiting for my new appointment to my new soon which will be nice. Normally I would take a pump vacation for these kind of days but I was working Saturday and Sunday and using Levemir would not work well since it can increase the amount of lows. After just having a seizure I am trying to avoid lows if at all possible.

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                 I seem to be at least able to use an infusion set one day and hopefully by the end of the week be back to my normal. Pumps are a blessing but really can create havoc when things do not go as smoothly as I need them too.

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