Monday, September 10, 2012

Older Article about Rising Rates of Type 1 Diabetes

              I recently ran across and article about diabetes and the pacific northwest where I was born and raised. I know I have always thought that their was environmental factors involved in the development of diabetes. I know I am not a fan of all the hormones and additives in our food system. I know when I was a little kid back in the 80's they seemed to be adding more and more things I still am unable to pronounce. I know that has only increased and so has the rates of type 1 diabetes. I know this article talks about what a large number of people in Seattle that have type 1 and it makes you start to wonder if besides food what other causes could their be that could affect it as well. Does all the pesticides we use on plants and lawn affects these rates? I am not an expert but I know the increase in Type 1 is not good. I am also aware of how many Type 1 who are currently having children which could contribute to the rising number. but I believe there is more than that could account for. Dr. Hagopian believes that diabetes is 50 percent environmental and 50 percent genetics which makes sense to me. He look as the environmental, infectious and dietary exposures that could possibly be contributing factors to developing diabetes which is interesting. This article is old was published back in 2007 but is one of the few that actually talks a little about some environmental factors which is good.

                I found this article interesting in that there is such a high rate of type 1 in Seattle and since I grew up there just brings up more questions about factors that could contribute. I have a feeling that it will be quite some time before they ever figure out what environmental factors do contribute to diabetes. That is never an easy question but I had never heard that Seattle had such a high rate of type 1 diabetes. I know in high school there were several type 1's but I never really thought that was unusual. I know there is several diabetic alert dog training facilities in the Seattle area as well and with the higher rates it makes sense. I am so glad for the basic technology that I have even such as the meter because when I was diagnosed I waited years till I got my first meter and urine testing was highly inaccurate. Being diagnosed in 1980 I know the expectations were so different today. I am happy they have developed much better knowledge of diabetes but I am concerned that there will be enough money for researching further to find a cure. Honestly I don't know if there will be one not because I don't want one but because I have been told for so many years we are ten years away we are five years away from a cure after a while you just accept this is your life and move on. I do hope there is a cure but I am not as optimistic as I once was 32 years into the disease.

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