Thursday, September 13, 2012

People Assume I'm a Trainer

                I was at the store the other day with Duchess and was shopping for a few items. I was waking by two women in the store. I heard one woman say to the other one that is so wonderful that women is training that dog for someone who needs it. I hear comments like this all the time. I was approached by the woman who asked who I was training the dog for? I told her actually she was my dog. The funny thing is how much their reactions change when they find out that she is really mine. I know because it's not visible most people think their is no need for me to have a service dog. I know most of the people are pretty embarrassed to an extent which I get, but learning that not all things are visible is a good think to learn. I know my life as long as I have a service dog will always be included as part of strangers conversations in the stores. Which sometimes are pretty funny. I am learning to grow thicker skin when it comes time to the comments as I grow more accustomed to my life as I know it now.

                I am also so excited I get my Dexcom in the mail today. So I will be reporting back on my opinion of the Dexcom and how it works for me. I know it will come no where close to Duchess's abilities but at least it has graphs to help me make better basal changes in the future. The Dexcom also is not as cuddly and sweet as she is either. Nice to have another tool to use and hopefully this extra information will help to make even better adjustments as needed in the future.


  1. I'm sure the reality is that you are a great trainer for Dutchess. The difference from other trainers is that you get the direct benefit of that our work. .

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in these blog posts. My 13 yr old daughter was just diagnosed over the summer.

    I hope you two are having a great day!

  2. I do try my best to keep up her training and teaching here new things. I most likely will train my next Diabetic alert dog when the time comes.

    I started blogging to tell my story in hopes that it may help some one else struggling with hypoglycemia unawareness.

    I hope things are going well for your daughter after her diagnosis. I know there is so much change to deal with right away.