Thursday, September 27, 2012

Duchess and Emergencies

                I have learned a great deal about how Duchess handles emergencies involving me. She does get very destructive during the past two seizures at work she has torn up her dog bed at work. I know she was really upset about all the commotion and the people gathering around. I am  not upset because she tore her bed up because I know that is not her normal routine except with her own dog toys which I let her destroy if she wants. She does not damage my things so I was okay with her dealing with the situation the way she could handle it. I have been on a search for a new dog bed to have at work since I want them to last more than 8 months. I did find the Kuranda dog beds which are hard to chew up. The beds are chew proof and I have purchased one for Duchess and hopefully it will not be ruined it I have another seizure or bad low at work.

                  Thankfully during the last seizure I had taught a class on what to do during a diabetic seizure and everyone seemed to think the sheet really came in handy. They used all the information I had given which is what I wanted. Duchess was right by my side during the last seizure I remember the whole seizure and everything that went on. I remember the glucagon shot and they did a great job of injecting it in the area I had told them too. They followed all the instruction to the tee which I thought was great. I am still trying to find possible causes for the seizures and ways to prevent them if possible. I think I might be onto the solution but will let everyone know soon.


  1. Are the seizures induced by low sugar reactions?

  2. Yes they are caused by low blood sugars. I have experienced the seizure even shortly after diagnosis. So this has been an issue on and off most of my life.