Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reflecting Back on Previous Appointments

                  I can't express the relief that I will not have to have surgery on my vitreous humor also called a vitrectomy. The vitreous humor is the gel substance in the eye and is removed during the surgery. Most of the time because continued hemorrhaging in the eye which can cause loss of vision because the blood did not clear out of the vitreous humor. I felt like some one had took several hundred bricks off my back after my appointment. I know there is the possibility for surgery in the future but I wanted to make sure I tried all other options before I proceed forward. The previous Retina specialist told me that I had too much scar tissue from the first laser treatment and that there is no way laser would be an option and I have concluded he lied. He also said that my eye is incredibly unstable but I also learned that the standard procedure was not followed. From what I have learned depending upon on how you react to the laser and injections in the eyes they should be done regularly. According to my new Dr. I should of been seen once and month. I also should of had both eyes laser-ed monthly not each eye since June. I had a feeling the minute I meet my previous Dr. that I did not like him there was something off.  The Dr. came across as slimy and greedy which makes sense why he did not follow procedure is because he wanted to operate instead of doing laser and other methods.The Dr. kept telling me that my eye was getting worse by the day which made no sense because at the previous appointment he thought everything was going great. My eye even with my recent hemorrage is doing fine according to the new Dr. I just need to get laser treatments done soon.

                   I am angry that I had to go through this because of one bad Dr. but it serves as a great reminder to me that yes I need to listen to my gut feeling about Dr.'s. The new Dr. was very polite answered all questions and listened to me. I am hoping that my experience continues to be the same as my first visit. I am all for questions Dr.'s because I think we need to make sure what they are doing is right for us. I have spent a great deal of the past four months fighting for what I believed was the right care. I will continue to do this for myself because I feel this is the only way to keep me safe and healthy. I know even Duchess seemed to like this Dr better as well.


  1. My husband has had countless lasers done on both eyes and the surgery on the right eye. Most of the vision is gone in the right eye though from scarring...They are watching the left eye but it is now stable. Take care!

  2. That is why I want to be careful and try to be reactive as necessary. If I do need surgery to save my vision I am ready. Currently my vision is normal and I did wonderful on the eye test in the office which is great but I know eventually that will not be the case.