Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Refreshing Change

               I went for my second opinion after my recent visit with the Retina specialist I was seeing told me I needed surgery. I was really surprised how different the staff and Dr.'s were at this clinic. I was not treated I was stupid for asking questions. They actually provide the patients with video's and information about their condition to further educate themselves. The Dr. discussed my case and he thought I needed more laser treatments before we proceed to surgery. In fact he normally waits a year before he would head in that direction. He did point out some interesting things to me during the visit as well. The Dr. decided to have a picture done of my retina and showed me the spots of blood vessel growth and where laser was done. He pointed out areas where the old blood vessels had rescinded which is good. He also pointed out quite a few spots where items should of been laser-ed but had not been. It was a refreshing change from my previous Dr.'s office. I did not feel like the Dr. saw me a dollar signs which the previous one did.

                 I was so relieved to hear I will not need surgery yet and that I can look at the laser and shots as treatments options. It was so nice to find a Dr. who seems to listen to me as the patient which was nice because recently I have not gotten that much recently. Duchess seemed to like the Dr. better as well which always makes me feel better. The staff was very polite and they did not dilate my eyes too early that they needed to re-dilated which was nice. Hoping for things to continue to improve with my eye's.

                 I do have to say I think my mother would of been very proud of me for doing me what she taught me to do. I have to say I was blessed to have her advice and suggestions because now all this information is helping to keep me safer and healthier because of it.

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