Friday, September 21, 2012

Seizure Patterns

                     I am desperately trying to find a way to stop my seizures. Once I get into a seizure pattern it is very difficult to stop. I just had my third seizure sine July. I was at work but the training of my coworkers on what to do did come in handy and it did work well. I was told by a coworker they thought all the information came in handy and were thankful for being educated. The EMS did end up coming out my seizure even with glucagon lasted over then minutes. They had someone keep time to be safe. This helped me to get all the help I needed. EMS was called but I refused transport to the hospital because they would say the same thing they have said over the past 32 years. This seizure was different even with the smalls symptoms before this time I was dizzy and I rarely ever get dizzy. Then I was awake during the whole seizure and can remember who was there and what was going on. I did become very combative during the seizure which is normal. I can be mean sometimes when I have seizures but that is very typical. The worst part of being awake during my seizures was the pain I was feeling from it. It was very painful.

                       I did go home afterwards and my roommate was home which was good. I am starting my new Dexcom next week and hoping the data will help me with better adjustments in the future which could help. I am not sure how I can stop the seizure pattern without creating havoc in other areas such as my eye's. I have had seizures on and off most of my childhood before age 5 I had frequent seizures and then in high school as well. I know if I continue to have seizure it will star to affect my work. I am very scared of what affects seizures have had on my life and it always feels like I'm living my life on a ledge.


  1. Is there any way that you could get Duchess trained as a seizure alert dog as well as a DAD? Have you ever noticed if she behaves differently just before you have one? Maybe you haven't had enough to be able to see if there is a pattern.
    Either way, I hope you can get help with this. Best wishes to you.

  2. She has warned me in time before seizures took place. I'm not sure if there is a pattern. I am taking notes after each seizure as a way to map a pattern. The lows are a big cause of the seizures. I have dropped over a 100 points in blood sugar in two minutes before. With those kind of drops it can be hard for a DAD to catch all of the fast moving drops that I experience.