Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do Not Pet

            I normally ride the bus to work because the cost of parking at UT is $35.00 dollars a month.  Then you have the cost of gas and I really can't justify driving into work with that cost. So there is a flyer bus which gets me about a 1/4 of a mile from work and is good exercise for both Duchess and I. I like that I don't have to stress about traffic or weather conditions which is nice. I have meet quite a few staff from UT who ride the same bus as well. Duchess does not seem to mind it but really likes when I drive my car. The downside to the bus is that there is so much you are not able to control. There is a father and daughter that have been riding for the past couple of weeks. The bad part is that he lets his daughter sit near Duchess and me. I have no problem with it, but when he allows her to make noises at Duchess and tries to interact with her is when I have an issue. I try to keep her focused on her work as much as possible and a kid who is constantly talking to Duchess does not help. I do have to admit she has been great about being focused on her work even with the distractions but I try to limit those encounters if possible because it makes things easier for both of us.

               Today the little girl kept trying to pet her even though her dad kept telling her that the dog was working and should not be pet. I think she is a very typical two or three year old. I know the girl just wanted to play but that puts me in a bad situation. Duchess has a very definitive off switch to her and it takes me weeks to get her back on track. So petting is not an option even if I wanted to let the little girl pet her. I always feel bad telling people no but when it involves my personal safety I am very firm. I know some friends who have diabetic alert dogs as well they can have people pet their service dog and have no issues but I still would not trade her for anythings. Duchess is who she is and I am okay with that.

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