Friday, September 7, 2012

Various Things

               This week has been interesting to me because Duchess has been off I think she wanted yesterday to be Friday. Which I actually do not blame her because I was wishing for the exact same thing. She is tried of all the overtime and so forth. I am think of planning a day or two off in October when my overtime period ends they just let me know yesterday that I am still on overtime hours. Which is good money wise but not so great for Duchess in some ways. I do provide her with toys and bones to keep her busy during the day but that only lasts so long before she tires of those things. I am very proud of her for handling a long period of overtime because honestly my job really requires it in order for to get all aspects of my job done. My job is fast paced and is very specialized. I really enjoy it most days and I know Duchess likes where I work for the most part. She continues to amaze me at her willingness to handle things as it comes. I could not be prouder of her increased efforts to continually keep me safe. I know the overtime after a while can also affect my blood sugars most of the time with more lows but having Duchess that is usually not an issue.

                I am now in the process of ordering my Dexcom which is quite exciting. The best news is currently if you purchase a Dexcom starter pack they will reimburse you $200.00 in a main in rebate which is great because after my insurance the total out of cost after rebate will be $150.00 which is not bad at all. I am looking forward to having more information to make even better changes to my pump settings and the ability to pick up trends more efficiently. So I will be reporting back once I get the Dexcom and my experience with it. Mind you my dog will beat out the Dexcom overall but she sadly does not draw me graphs so having that information will be helpful. She can tell 40 minutes on average sometimes more before I go low but the Dexcom is actually running behind the meter so Duchess can easily beat it but it will be another tool in my arsenal. I am attaching the link for the rebate for a Dexcom starter packs below. There was something on an article for last Diabetes awareness month that was " Life (and death) happens between finger sticks" for me it is close calls involving seizures but really the same principals. It's a sad but very true statement.

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