Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ugh Eye Dr. Appointment

I have never been a fan of the eye doctors but I have to go. Today was just another reminder of this. I have a funny thing about anything being close to my eye. I could have claustrophobia of sorts but not quite sure. I set myself up for another normal appointment. I have the nurse call me back to get my eyes dilated shortly after I arrived. I go back to the second waiting area to be called back to see the eye Dr. I sit there waiting for what seems like an eternity but turns out it was around 45 minutes.

They finally call me back and then I wait again and all the while I was thinking I could be at work accomplishing my current projects. The Dr. finally comes in the room around 15 minutes later. He was as friendly as always but then he says that my eyes are not dilated enough to do the eye exam. He calls the nurse in again and asks why my eyes are not dilated? She told them I had them dilated earlier. It had been over an hour at that point. So then I was told I have to be tortured again so they can finish the exam. I don't have much patience for getting my eyes checked and I always remember being that way even as a little kid. The whole time my precious girl  Duchess was looking at me why all this was going on feeling my stress. My dog seems  to pick up on my emotions almost too well. It tends to stress her out if I'm stressed.

Today was another reminder of why I am not a fan but at least I am done for this year. Sadly the stress of this appointment did cause some rise in the blood sugar but nothing too dramatic.

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