Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Remembering various aspects of my childhood

My childhood was not quite so lonely in that my mother was also a type 1 diabetic. I grew up at least knowing one other person who was a diabetic but I think I really wanted to meet kids my age with diabetes too. I know my parents decided that we should join the diabetic group. I was excited to join and finally meet other kids who were diabetic as well. I think my mom was thinking I would meet some kids who worked hard at having good control and eating the right things and such. The opposite was true from what my mother learned that night talking with the parents. There was stories of sneaking candy, not taking shot and not taking insulin to lose weight quickly

There was a story of a girl my age who used to hide candy in the bushes and would stop to eat some on the way to school. I think my mom was not expecting that. I can say that we did not stay in the group long because some of the kids my thought would be nothing but a bad influence on me. I know my mom always worked so hard to keep me on the right track.

My parents were some what strict but only because they cared so much. I did end up that same year going to Diabetic camp which I so loved. I went for several years and could not thank my parents enough for letting me go. I really can't thank my mom enough for her dedication to my care growing up. For all the late night emergency room visits, hospital stays and the doctors appointments. I know my mom did not get to go on as many vacations with just her and my dad. I know there was sacrifices they made to make sure that I had all the latest diabetes gear.

My mom was always went above and beyond. I miss her so much. Shortly after her passing which was unrelated to diabetes. I was given a gift so precious. My diabetic alert dog Duchess. I find it interesting how I was researching hypoglycemia unawareness looking for options that would help me and then I stumbled across an article about diabetic alert dogs. I don't think that was a coincidence. I like to think that my mom was playing a part in it. When I lost my mom I have never felt that alone before. We shared so many things and it made it so difficult not to have her their like she always was before.

I know before my mom had passed I had been following Kerri's blog "Six Until Me" which was a blessing to have especially when things went down hill so quickly. I know this really helped me to work even harder on my control and to start getting more involved in the diabetes community. I belong to a local diabetic group which has been great so far. Always nice to feel connected to others struggling with the same things.

I know today that my mom would be proud of how involved I am and how I am blogging as a way to vent my frustrations or just talk about all the various diabetic topics. As mothers day draws closer I am deep in thought of all that my mom has done and all the sacrifices she made for me. I was truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

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