Monday, May 28, 2012


I have been working so much overtime recently and I know that is not the ideal for Duchess. Diabetic alert dogs need a good balance of downtime and work time. I always try my best to achieve that balance but recently it has been a struggle. I had a coworker out on paternity leave for several weeks. When he is gone I do portions of his job which means that my work is not getting done. I am always behind and that seems the way my department runs. We actually should have around two more people just to keep up with all the work but I know that won't happen. I am trying to get caught up from him being gone still and I'm not sure if I will get caught up or not. I am trying to work some overtime to get somewhat caught up but it does not seem to be making a dent in the workload. I am hoping to get this done by July when I am going on a short vacation to wine country.

This was taken in Sonoma at a friends home during my last trip.

            I am hoping some time off will do both Duchess and I some good. I have not taken one day off from work except for holidays in the past six months. I am really starting to feel it which is never good but even more so with Duchess. I have taken some time this holiday weekend to do some things that Duchess loves and give her more down time which she needs. I am also planning at least one day this month as well off from work to get both of us back on track. I just booked my whole vacation last week it does not seem real that I'm actually going. I am looking forward to the winery tours, great food and visiting my friends.


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