Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How fast the time goes

             It's really hard to believe that this coming August I have had Duchess my diabetic alert dog for two years. I would not change a thing about my decision. I know some of my coworkers wonder how much I really need my dog but over the past several months I can see how they are getting how much I really need her. I tried everything to get control of the horrible lows I was having. In fact I need to review a scary incident that really made me realize how seriously down hill things had flowed.

             It was a normal day after work and I was walking to my car which was parked close to a mile away. That was a downside of working for a University is that there is never enough parking especially close. I remember turning down my basal for the walk to the car as usual. This was a humid moth of August and I know I was trying to get to my car as quickly as I could. I am not sure what happened but my cell phone rings and I start looking in my purse for my phone it's my roommate. Hey when are you going to be home. I said what do you mean? She said it's 7:40. I said I am on my way almost to my car. I had lied because I did not want to tell her that I didn't know what happened from 5pm to 7:40pm that night.

              What scared me so much was there is so many things that can happen on a college campus. I know just before this there was a body found on campus which was very surreal. I was really scared for my safety. I realized that these lows I was having I was really getting very disoriented so quickly and I still have some of those today sadly. I knew I need something and Duchess provides that. When I get low I can get very unaware of time and my work errors increase dramatically. I don't believe I could be working today without my service dog and angel Duchess. She keeps me in check unlike before I got her. I was testing at least once an hour and still was missing lows. I know a lot of these lows were from grief and stress. This combination proved to be almost too much. I used to be able to deal with stress so much more efficiently. Now four years later I am finally starting to feel like I am stronger again.

                  I know growing up the Dr.'s always said I was brittle excuse the old school term. I worked very hard to control it and had some great years and not so great years. I am truly blessed to have Duchess and my freedom. The past couple of years have been tough but I have made so many improvements and changes that were necessary. I'm finally starting to feel back on track.

Ps. If you want to me to blog about certain questions you may have or aspects of service dog leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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