Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I struggle with the most.

Blog Week Day 3      

        There is always room for improvement with almost anything. I am no exception to that. I have some things I am great at but it's defiantly not filling out food logs. I am in the process of getting my new Animas One touch ping soon. So right now they are making me go back to the nutritionist to make sure all my ratios are correct and such. I am terrible at this. It's not hard to keep track of what I eat but having to list all my blood sugars, food, corrections for several weeks gets old real quick. I am driving myself crazy because I wait till the very last minute to start to fill out the logs. Honestly they are probably not always a hundred percent correct because I am doing this. In fact I'm not doing myself any favors.


               I wish I could get myself a little more motivated to at least attempt to write down the information nightly instead of all the last minute oh crap I need to have these filled out routine I'm currently doing. I am so busy worrying about what my current blood sugar is that half the time I am not doing some of the other things I should be doing but at least I am testing frequently. It always seems I am really extreme on way or the other. I am extreme at testing but lax on logs and keeping information organized. I am really lacking a middle ground in all of this diabetic management. I am hyper aware of all the supplies I have on hand, treatments for low and testing but not good on logs. Finding the balance seems to be an issue for me. Well at least I am working on things but I fear this one is going to take me a while to change. I have even as a child never was good at logging my blood sugars.


  1. Logging is hard. We are usually really good at it for a week or two and then we slack off. But it is important if only because it gives you a clearer picture of what is going on.

    So just keep logging...

    (On another note, my son Jacob and I saw a service dog in training the other day and he had a sign on his vest that said "Do Not Pet-I Am Working". I immediately thought of you!)

  2. I will keep on logging. Thankfully I only have another week or two left. It really does give you a clearer picture and I should be doing it more often. It's a work in progress.

    (that is very sweet you thought of me. I have a patch on one her vest that says exactly that.)