Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The roller coaster ride


            There is several things that come to mind that I feel I am pretty good at these day. Like testing, back up supplies, low blood sugar stash and eating the correct amount to treat lows. These days I feel like I spend most of my days low at times which is not ideal. I usually am luck in that I will usually have a steady line between 80-90 except for at least one or two lows. I am obsessed with checking my blood sugars to make sure I am not going to high or low. Which I drive myself crazy with. In fact my fingers look pretty butchered most of the time. I go to poke my finger and squeeze and I have four of five bleeding all that the same time. Oh the joys of being diabetic. I have to laugh when I squeeze my finger and blood squirts everywhere I am not sure why I find it so funny. I guess after having it 32 years I find the silliest thing funny now.

        The thing I used to struggle with for many years is not over treating a low. I hate that feeling when you know you ate the 12-15 carbs your supposed to treat the low but you are so hungry still. That urge is so strong. I want to rip open a box of cookies and eat them all. I know sometimes it is so easy to overeat. I decided If am going to eat over the amount I need I keep track of what I'm eating so I can bolus but not over bolus for this snack. What seems to work well if I'm going to eat beyond what I need is too have some peanut butter involved. It always seems to keep my blood sugar a little more leveled out. I used to over eat and end up in the two hundred plus range then bottom out again. I hate the roller coaster effect. So i decided about 4 or 5 years ago I need to try to teach myself only to eat the set amount necessary. I feel like I have over come a big obstacle the past year by eating only what I need to treat and if I still want more food covering the food appropriately which I don't do frequently. I have been for the most part avoided the roller-coaster effect and it has made my life so much easier. The roller coaster effect really makes me feel just loopy which is so not ideal when your working or trying to get anything productive done.

          The funny thing about this is that this used to be my weakest point is now one of my strongest points. I guess it goes to show how a little hard work and some effort can help you  to accomplish most things.       



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