Monday, May 14, 2012

First post of Blog Week

I so excited to be participating in the third annual diabetes blog week. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is blogging as well. I decided that most of the blogs I currently view most of you already know. So I am going to start of with a wildcard option. Here is my sad attempt at poetry but I figured why not. This poem reflects some struggles I have been dealing with recently.

                      Life changes so quickly
                      dreams of motherhood once were an option but now I question
                      I can't feel lows or high
                      Even with my lifesaving dog could I handle this dream
                      Should I reconsider or let the dreams fade into the night
                      I have been called selfish by other who don't understand
                      what it would be like to handle 3 endocrine issues
                      I think this dream may need to be let go
                      Replaced with safer options
                      The judgement is fierce from friends
                      Some things are not meant to be
                      Motherhood may be that one thing.

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