Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream Meters and Pumps

      If dreams do come true. My dream diabetic insulin pump would consist of a special alarms for at night, which would vary so that you don't get used to it and ignore it. The second aspect would be a device that would scan the food you are eating and let you know the correct amount of insulin needed once you input your blood sugar into the pump. The third aspect is that the pump would let you know several hours before the pump site goes bad to change it out. The fourth aspect would be that it would let you know if you are on a low or high trend and that you need to reduce or increase the basal. The pump would also include the Dexcom with it and have the sensor be much more accurate. The fifth aspect would be that the pump sites would last longer with less scar tissue if your dreaming big might as well throw that in too. The sixth aspect would be a more interactive set up on the pump and a way to turn lights off on pump to avoid disco boobs when necessary. The seventh aspect it would be reasonably priced so the majority of people could afford it. The supplies would run much less than they currently do.
       My dream meter would consist of graphs similar to the Dexcom. The meter would point out trends you could be missing. The meter would also create logs that can be sent to your Dr.'s and emailed to you. The meter of course would allow you to enter foods eaten, exercise, if you were sick and make general notes etc. The meter would not have the current plus or minus ratio of accuracy it would be greatly improved.These are just a few idea and I have more but I ran out of time.

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