Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The wrath of the birds

Life has been very chaotic in general the last couple of weeks for me. I never quite expected this adventure. It was a normal morning walk into work. I think its about half a mile walk to my work. It's usually a good time to get Duchess exercise as well. I normally enjoy the quite mornings before the students start to crowd the campus. There is a really lovely quietness in the mornings. Everything was pretty typical that morning until I realized Duchess had some new friends. As I was walking a bird swoops down and pecks Duchess in the side. I thought that was strange and keep walking. Then I notice there is several birds flying rather close for comfort. Then all of a sudden I think around 5 or 6 birds are all swooping down at me and Duchess. I have my coach purse in hand and start swinging it at the birds. I feel like I'm in the move " The Birds" but this is not fun. I speed up my pace but the birds continue to follow another two swoop down and one pecks Duchess again and she yelps. I swing my purse at the bird because I am pretty pissed off the bird was hurting my service dog. I then swung again and I hit it and knocked it to the ground. I keep walking.
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         I get approached by a student who witnessed my bird encounter and they ask me why I was trying to kill the bird. I explain I was not trying to kill the bird but was trying to get it to leave me and my service dog alone. He looks down at Duchess and was like I did not realize she was a service animal. Oh never mind. I keep walking astonished by what had just happened. I walk the same route everyday and the birds usually ignore us. I could not figure out what was going on. I know the students tend to feel the birds and the squirrels. There is some obese squirrels on campus. I'm sure that was not helping my situation any at that point. I start talking with some coworker at work. This is the time of year when the birds are laying their eggs and I'm sure they were trying to protect their eggs. I have been dealing with the birds swooping at me for several weeks now and even changed my route on campus to avoid certain areas. I have hit two birds so far and I'm not too happy about that part but honestly it freaks me out when birds come flying right past me so closely.

           Duchess has been such a trooper but honestly a little jumpy as well. I am hoping my bird adventure will be over soon honestly this is just crazy. I lived in quite a few places but not where the birds are this mean. I really need a break from the crazy birds. I wish I knew the exact cause of what's going on but I'm not bird expert as of yet. Hoping for a day free of bird attacks soon. I still can't believe I either stunned or killed a bird with my coach purse but what can you do? I am trying to figure out what type of bird it is but I have not clue. I again experience the wrath of  the birds. I was discussing with a coworker this morning we were goggling and we think it's a mocking bird. I don't think "To kill a Mocking Bird" is going to help. I could be wrong but that's its a mocking bird but it my best guess.

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