Monday, May 7, 2012

Bad Article

I as a diabetic alert dog handler try my best to educate others about service dogs. There has been quite a few articles recently that have been saying that diabetic alert dogs are an excuse not to test. That is so far from the truth. I have never been more angry than when I read an article about parents from Houston Texas. They named there boys service dog Prixsee because they thought they would not have to test their little boys blood sugar anymore because they have a service dog. Yes the dog is faster than your meter but it does not mean you don't need to test.

I can understand how a parent does not want their children to have to deal with all the testing, site changes and other painful parts of diabetes. This newscast and article really made me mad because when you have a diabetic alert dog you end up testing more. The dog will sometime alert you 40 minutes before you are low. The dogs alerts should always be checked by testing. It would be irresponsible and dangerous to just treat if you don't know if your blood sugar is low or high. I have heard of a teenagers who don't test and get them selves in trouble. I am attaching the video and links to the article. I am hoping that parents and adults put a lot of consideration into a service dog before they jump into getting one. They are a tool in any person's arsenal and not perfect either. They have off days just like we do. When people set up these type of expectations of a dog that is not fair. I can tell you my service dog Duchess is wonderful but far from perfect.

I have been misquoted in some articles about my diabetic alert dog. I did notice that not only in the video was this stated but also in the article. I belong to a forum of diabetic alert dog owners. The group has contacted them news station about a possible correction and also contacted the trainer in hopes that he educate his clients about the need for testing.

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