Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Reminders

            Duchess is such a large part of my life. She does go everywhere with me and she is so much fun most of the time. Duchess has taught me so much about myself in some ways. She has a way of reminding me at times when I get too caught up in my work that sometimes it's really good to take a break and go for a walk. Other times she reminds me how fun it can to be silly and dress up in silly costumes like she loves too. I see her cute dog smile and how she likes to prance around. This playfulness is another example of her showing me how much fun it can be to be silly for a little while longer. Duchess on the other hand wants me to get better at responding to her alerts. I know I should be checking immediately but It can  be hard when your at work trying to get stuff done. She really has gotten to where she really loves throwing the test kit at me but I do love the irony of the situation. Duchess is just as stubborn as me and I would not change that for a minute. I need her to be very persistent and she has come up with some interesting alerts for me. Throwing the test kit is one, she will bring me glucose tabs is another, she will bring me my sealed box of lancets. I know the trainer trained her to bring the test kit but the other items she figured out on her own.So things are always interesting. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
Duchess at her first Reconnaissance Festival

              Other times she reminds me that life's too short not to get out there and enjoy it regardless of what my blood sugar is. Duchess most of all reminds me that not matter what my blood sugar is that day she loves me anyways. She is so very patient and never gets mad at me when I have my bad days. I am incredibly lucky to share my life with such a wonderful DAD (diabetic alert dog).

Duchess loved wearing her horns at the festival. Working on her costume for this years big Renaissance festival.


  1. It's so nice to have that unconditional love, isn't it. We are so hard on ourselves when blood sugars don't go right. It's good to remember that we are loved no matter what!!

  2. It is a very wonderful thing to have. I am too hard on myself for sure. It is so easy to lose sight on the bad days.

  3. You and Duchess make such a nice team. She is so much more than a DAD for you and you are so much more than a work assignment for her. The special bond that you share is what motivates her to become creative to get you to respond. Such love and trust.

  4. Thank you Kathy. She is such a huge part of my life hard to put into words. She is the happiest dog I have ever owned she loves her job and our life together. I was lucky they placed the right dog with me.