Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Patience tested

Through the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy I had some really terrible Dr.'s visits recently. I would rather never go back to the Dr. again because his staff was just terrible. I know from my blog yesterday when the nurse said well at least you made it 32 years because we see people her after having diabetes only a year was not fun. All the Dr.'s appointment were a real test of my patience. The first thing was that they scheduled me for the wrong Dr. so I had to change my appointment for a day earlier. I am lucky my boss is a very understanding person who told me to not worry about it and go take care of my eyes.


       I arrive at my appointment they did several photographs of my eyes. Then onto an injection of dyes into my arm to see blood flow in my eye. The tests honestly were torture for me because I have this weird thing about anything being near my eyes or my fee for that matter. I am really sensitive about it. I don't like eye drops and I could not imagine trying to wear contacts. I make it through the tests and the Dr. comes in and says that there is some abnormal blood vessel growth but not much which is good. Then he wants to do another injection in my left eye which did not have an injury to make sure there is no bleeding in that eye either. I was really unsure about this. My left eye had normal vision and not one thing wrong from what I could see but I agree to do it anyways. The Dr. starts that procedure and then injects it in but then the needle is not going in as well as it should. The Dr. then says looks like we have a blunt needle on our hands and then continues to put more pressure on my eye to get the needle in and finish the injection. I was not pleased in the slightest. This one hurt twice as much as the first one I got at my first visit.


       I go back two weeks later for my first laser treatment. I was nervous I have never had any laser procedures before I just wanted to get it over with. I get called back by the nurse right after I arrive. They do the normal dilation procedure. I then get sent to the dark room to wait. I sat there for around 45 minutes and finally get called back by the nurse. They take me to room where I will get my laser procedure done. I thought the Dr. would be in shortly but I waited another 15 minutes. The Dr. comes in and we get started with the laser procedure. It was hurting I was told it should not but I did not want to stop. The Dr. stops suddenly he asks the nurse when I was dilated it had been over an hour since I was dilated. He told the nurse I was not dilated enough and we would have to do it again.I was so frustrated to say the least. If I had the time I would of switches Dr.'s after all the stuff I had experienced but I don't want to miss any more work than necessary. I was really annoyed having to do another laser treatment because I was annoyed it was not making it easy for me to do what they needed me to do. I did get it done but honestly this Dr.'s office drove me crazy. Well I'm done for another three months before I have to go back for a check up which will give me time to get more of my patience back again.


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