Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All Personality

    When I started the process to get a diabetic alert dog I assumed the dog I would get would be very calm and very serious. I remember my first day working with her. She was extremely focused and very loving. When I took her back to the hotel room I got to see more of her personality which was very surprising to me. My alert dog is goofy in every sense of the word. She likes to make goofy noises and she likes to do the strangest things at times. She loves her Halloween costume from two years ago. When we get home from work everyday she runs to my bedroom and gets her costume and wants to wear it. She is also so very stubborn and goes about in the strangest ways to get my attention at times.

Her beloved Halloween costume.

        When I'm at work if her water bowl is empty for just a minute she will pick it up and throws it at my leg. When I'm low from time to time she will throw the test kit at me. I have to admit I do deserve it though. I sometimes will wait a while after she alerts to test which I am working on. I know that drives Duchess crazy. She is obsessed with playing ball. I find it funny too that my guy friends all want to steal my dog because they lover her spunky personality. She is funny in that when she walks in the room she assumes that everyone is looking at her, She thinks she royalty which is cute. She loves to wear costumes and likes to be photographed. Being a single woman and having a service animal is interesting to say the least but for some reason she tends to attract the guys which I find interesting. She loves to tell men in particular when I'm low and I can never figure out why she was does this. Duchess I know had humble beginnings and was picked up off death row in Oklahoma city by a rescue group and then her trainer found her. I feel like her second chance has been my second chance as well in many ways. I would not trade her for anything. I love that she has spunk and so much personality. She has made my life even more funny which I really appreciate.


  1. What a great post, Tarra!!! Thank you so much for sharing these fun personality traits that Duchess has! Love getting to know her more, and it's very cool to hear she sometimes tosses your test kit at you. Love that. Very much appreciate you sharing this perspective.

  2. Thank you Mike. I love sharing about her. She is quite funny and does the most interesting things at times. I need a dog that can get my attention and she defiantly does.