Friday, May 4, 2012


My life has always to be way too interesting at times for me to handle. I am finally writing about an event that happened back on January 16, 2011. It was such a scary event that I was not completely prepared for. I was at home on a Sunday night with my roommate just watching television after dinner. I had leftovers for dinner that night because I was feeling lazy. I was trying to get some things ready for my next college semester that would start back on January 18th.

I had been running around getting some last minute things done. I like to be very prepared for my college courses. I remember laughing with my roommate while watching tv and after a while I remember just reclining back into the recliner chair I was in. Nothing too crazy and before I knew it my roommate had passed out on the couch. I was getting tired myself. I tested my blood sugar it was 99 at 2 hours which was great.The next thing I know I wake up as my roommate was opening the door for the EMS. I had just had a seizure. My diabetic alert dog had woken my roommate up because I was unresponsive. Waking my roommate up was amazing because I think he could sleep through an earthquake. The EMS tests my blood sugar and it was in the 20's so they get out the glucose gel and start to treat me.

The amazing part is that my dog was able to handle a very stressful difficult situation. I have had times when my blood sugars makes huge drops of over 70 or more points in my blood sugar in just minutes. I feel so very fortunate that day that I had Duchess there to help me.I have had way too many what I call close calls in the last couple of years. Most of the time Duchess will let me know around 40 minutes before I will go low which is a complete blessing. There is times when it drops so quick that there is no way the dogs would be able to catch it. I wonder if my pancreas decided that day to start producing insulin randomly. I am still not sure what caused it but I'm counting my blessings.

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