Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Another Flight

I know I am all packed and ready for the flight to California tonight. I have everything packed and ready to go. I leave shortly after work tonight to head to the airport. I am ready for the whole process. I did notice that TSA changed the policy on how they want service dogs to go through the metal detectors which actually would mean that both her and I would end up being patted down. I know I normally take off all of her gear, leash and collar. The reason I do that is so the TSA does not need to pat her down. I also make sure I do not have anything that will set off the metal detector as well. I do my best to make the process as easy as possible when I do fly. The website says they want the serviced dogs on a leash through the process but the issue with that is that it will set off the metal detector every time we go through. So I  will be doing what I normally do and I am sure I will get through like I normally do. I always get my hands swabbed because I do not go through the Imaging system to check for bomb material which is fine.

I know once I get through the TSA part I can sit down relax and wait for my flight which should not be bad. Normally Duchess does her part to keep my blood sugars in range. I know every time we fly she seems to be extra vigilant with my alerts which I really appreciate. I know we have flown quite a few times together so I am never nervous about flying. I know my first time flying with Duchess I was really extremely nervous about how it would go but every thing went really well. I know I did research to make sure I was aware of the rules and guidelines for flying with Duchess. I know the first flight did have glitches like them insisting that Duchess has to have a card stating she was a service dog or some identification. I did not have that and was able to get around the issue. I know every time I fly it can go either way. Most of the time most people do not realize I have a disability or any issues but I do have issues. Thankfully they seem to observe her behavior and then let us go on our way.

I know I have to say I love flying with Southwest Airlines because they always take such great care of us when we fly. They try to make the process as easy as possible which makes me more willing to fly more often. I know I have had issues with other airlines but Southwest normally will get me bulk head seats which is really helpful because Duchess sits on my feet for the most part or my feet are around her. It can be tight and not much room to move but better than squeezing Duchess into an even smaller seat. 

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