Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back to Low Pattern

I know at times my blood sugar will cooperate but I know recently even with all the changes to come. I am finding that I am back into a low pattern again even with constant basal changes I can't seem to keep up with the changes. I am lowering my dosages as fast as possible but at times finding the right dosage without going high over night can be challenging. I know I am reducing my basal at a very quick rate but I also know that my recent weight loss some planned and other was not planned. So I am sure I will be needing less and have been working out probably longer than I need to. I know this week I am working out a little shorter period of time and seeing how I do in the hopes that will help to avoid lows as much.

I also know I am doing more to get ready for my move as well and it can be difficult to plan for everything possible but all I can do is give it my best try. I know I have gotten so much done I won't have much left to do except possibly this next weekend which is great. I am always wanting to keep things simple as possible with this move and the next adventures to come but each time changes come most of the time I don't have a great pattern or solution except to test until I get it right. So I am working on it looking at graphs blood sugars and other information I do have. I know reviewing has helped quite a bit but at times it can just be overwhelming. I know keeping up with the changes right now feels like a full time job not including my real full time job. I am hoping to find some balance soon.

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