Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sky Diving and Diabetics Meet Up's

My second sky dive while on vacation was with Cowboy which is his nick name. He has been sky diving since he was in his teens. So this time I jumped I did not cross my arms across my chest when exiting the plane I actually was able to put my hands out immediately and stabilize myself to an extent in preparation for my AFF (solo skydiving training). I know I was worried that I could cause an issue but it turned out it was fine and I learned a great deal from just this one experience. I was also allowed to help with landing to an extent as well. He taught me a great deal of skills as well. I know on the plane ride my boyfriend John tested both our blood sugars before we jumped. Normally he has pockets on his pants which allow him to not lose the meter. I know I can use my SPIBELT as well for my meter. It was interesting to see the responses. On my first jump of my vacation I was actually sitting next to type 2 diabetic who has been jumping for years. He was diagnosed about a year ago and continues to sky dive which is great.

I know him and I talked after my jump and he learned John was a Type 1 as well. So it was interesting to learn of others enjoying the same things. I know we discussed a great deal of things diabetes related. It is nice to know there was also another Type 1 diabetic that jumps there as well. So I know I will be in good company. I know through this learning process it seems to be that I am getting better and better as I go. I have never jumped two days in a row and two jumps in a day. I know the future I will be jumping more often and I am looking forward to those days. I know this have been an incredible adventure for me personally but also a great success in the I have solve my Dexcom problem on my own and I also have been able to over come any lows that have popped up so far. I know I have had one sky dive I was downing sugar because my blood sugar was 116 just to be safe. I was shoving the candy down my throat and my blood sugar before was 146 which was better. I will be posting my first sky dive video tomorrow for you all to see.

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